Our Story

Why are we doing this, and why dementia?

Our story – Marty and Annie

Putting your home up as the prize in a ‘Win a house’ competition is crazy, right?

So, giving some of the money raised to charity is even crazier?

Actually, no. It’s absolutely the thing to do…

My partner Annie and I have been nurses for three decades, both of us working with adults.  During our careers, whether on a busy Accident and Emergency Department, Emergency Admissions Unit, or more recently during my rounds as a District Nurse, we both have first-hand experience of helping people who have dementia.

It’s no news that the ageing population in the UK is increasing, along with the number of people with a form of dementia, virtually everyone knows someone who has been affected.

Since moving to a community based job, I’ve noticed services are struggling due to a lack funding available to them. I could list many examples of patients left on their own for hours at a time with my visit as the only contact with other people they had. Suffice to say, I saw it a lot.

I like ‘big ideas’, doing things on a large scale and thoughts started to form about what I could do to make a difference. It had to be something big, of course, but something memorable and with a positive, long-term impact to try and address this.

We live locally, overlooking the quietest part of Abington Park and have read about the University of Northampton’s work to make Northamptonshire dementia friendly for patients and their carers but sadly lack the funding to achieve this.

I also read that someone put their house up for sale in a similar competition and I thought what a great idea. The house is too big for us and we wanted to downsize, so why not?

Thankfully, Annie also agreed!

We’re not in this for the money. The majority of cash from the competition, once the cost of the house and expenses are deducted, if we sell all the tickets £1 Million to charity we plan to use the left over cash to buy another house and to do this again to raise even more money for charity.

Up to £1Million will be donated to UON who will give 80% of the money to the Northamptonshire Community Foundation who will match fund this to £1.2 Million!. They will then put this into Endowment and the centre will then receive the interest each year, thus long term funding and an element of self-sustainability is achieved to help support those with Dementia.

By purchasing a few tickets with the chance of winning a house, we hope you will join me and Annie to raise much needed funds for some good causes.