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Why is the University of Northampton Involved in the Win a House Competition and UnityDEM?

The University of Northampton has the mission of Transforming Lives and Inspiring Change, and we achieve this mission by focusing our teaching, our research and the way we work with partners on delivering social impact. Put simply, we are determined to make peoples’ lives better.

Our long-standing and expert research into the problems that people diagnosed with dementia, and their families, face has been carried out in the UK and abroad. We have learned that a ‘one stop shop’ for care, support, information, and training for dementia sufferers and their families will – if the right staff and the right information and support are available – help people improve the way they cope with the diagnosis. As a result confidence and well-being will be increased, and people will often be happy and healthier for longer. Many sufferers will be able to live in their own homes for longer.

We have shared our research findings with partner organisations in Northamptonshire and, working together with them, we have designed the UnityDEM centre. The centre will provide ‘one stop shop’ support. Initially UnityDEM will run in Northampton. We will rigorously evaluate its effectiveness and continually improve its offer. Building on success, we will continue to fundraise to open more UnityDEM centres in other parts of the county, and the country.

The University is delighted to be working with the organisers of the Win a House competition. This Northampton-based couple are determined to help the people of their county. They have spent many hours with staff from the University reviewing the evidence behind UnityDEM. They are so convinced by the evidence that they have decided to make the charitable funds resulting from the competition available to the University and partners to set up and run the UnityDEM centre.

UnityDEM will become a permanent part of the support provided to dementia sufferers. The University of Northampton is committed to the centre, now and in the future. Staff and students will take part in fund-raising activities to support UnityDEM, both to help set the centre up, and to ensure it keeps providing essential services.

UnityDEM is one – vitally important – way in which the University of Northampton Transforms Lives and Inspires Change. We are determined to make peoples’ lives better!